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Water Feature Maintenance and After Care

PF Ltd provides the following maintenance packages to keep your feature in working order and wildlife etc thriving.

Winter Close Down

  • Vacuum feature,  waterfalls and streams

  • Cut back planting

  • Remove all debris from feature and outside edges e.g. marginal areas

  • Protect feature by installing netting to alleviate debris falling in

  • Close down water feature as appropriate

Spring Start Up

  • Vacuum feature, removing algae and blanket weed

  • Service pumps and UV filters

  • Inspect plants ensuring they are healthy for the season ahead and advise customer should new plants be necessary

  • Inspect and repair surround of feature

  • Turn on, refill and treat water as necessary


  • Remove all existing plants and wildlife into holding tank (with aeration system)

  • Empty feature of all water

  • Remove silt and any other debris

  • Undertake full inspection of liner or concrete base/walls

  • Clean all pipework

  • Undertake full service of pumps and filters

Other services

  • Cleaning and servicing of fountain pumps and jets, including descaling impellors and nozzles

  • Liner inspections, repairs and full relining

  • Full inspection, repairs and repainting of concrete features

  • Repair GRP features

  • Restoration of the construction of a feature and its surroundings

General Maintenance, Tips and Advice



Water Levels & Evaporation

Water levels will naturally drop through evaporation, especially during warmer and drier months.

If your feature includes fountains, streams, waterfalls or any other source of movement, this will also add to levels dropping.

It is therefore vital that you ‘top up’ your feature on a regular basis, otherwise when levels drop, pumps and filtration systems may cease to work.


Healthy Pond - Healthy Fish

To keep your pond healthy and your fish thriving, maintenance is an essential requirement on all ponds. Depending on the type of pond the maintenance regime differs, from helping nature to manage a natural pond with no system, through to regular filter maintenance of a highly filtered Koi pond.

A filtration system is designed to keep the pond clean, however the filters need to be maintained to keep it working efficiently.

Although every pond has slightly different requirements depending on multiple factors, the basic principles are the same, with the aim to ensure a pond stays clean and healthy and the livestock happy.                              


Deep Cleans

If your pond has got to the point where a deep thorough clean is necessary, PF Ltd can fully drain, clean and service everything to restart your pond and set it back on the right track. These can also be helpful if you wish to install a new filtration system, to ensure the filter does not get overwhelmed with the existing conditions.

This is also recommended to be carried out on all ponds every 3-5 years, to keep everything in working order and wildlife etc thriving.

Whilst any cleaning takes place, any wildlife and plants are removed and stored in our holding tanks.

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