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Water Features, Ponds and Lakes


PF Ltd can design, supply and install new water features to your garden or add a feature to your existing pond or lake.


Our construction and installation team plan each step personally with every customer, ensuring a bespoke project, finished to the highest standard.


We cover a wide range of designs; from a natural wildlife pond or swimming pond to a modern or contemporary feature.  The options are endless.

Benefits of having a water feature, pond or lake


Water adds a magical quality to any outdoor space. The visual delight of just a shallow sparkling pool with a spouting fountain creates a real focal point and brings a garden to life. Feedback from our customers has proven the addition of a water feature has created a relaxing atmosphere and stress free environment, transporting them away from their busy lives, creating a relaxing and de-stressing environment. 

All types of water features are also known for their ability to increase air quality and humidity and decrease noise pollution by drowning out other noise with the calming sound of running water.


The creation of a new natural habitat helps attract a large range of diverse wildlife into your garden and provides drinking water for mammals and acts as a public bath for many garden birds.

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Water features can be fountains, ponds, streams, cascades or waterfalls.  Ponds can be designed to any shape and size, with additional enhancing features such as fountains, water jets or waterfalls.
For more inspiration, check out our Gallery.


Natural Swimming Ponds

If you are looking for a statement piece in your garden, or something special and completely different, consider a natural swimming pond. Natural swimming ponds can be any custom size, shape or style so they are an incredibly versatile option. 

On average, the construction phase takes approximately 8-10 weeks from start to finish for a natural swimming pond of around 100-150m2 surface area.

Low voltage pumps and UV clarifiers help keep the water free from pathogens and help keep the water clear, meaning all swimming ponds are chemical free.

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