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Hard and Soft Landscaping

Gardens and green spaces can take on many forms;  from woodland and meadow, to formal and classic.  The choices are endless.

Your particular requirements will vary. You may require the design and construction of a whole garden from scratch, modifications to part of an existing garden, or you may simply wish to refresh parts of your garden which have become tired.


PF Ltd can provide expertise in space planning, layout, creating or reshaping beds, construction of gazebos and pergolas, creating new pathways through your garden space and constructing a new water feature.

PF Ltd undertakes the following landscaping services:

Garden design

Walling and terracing

Paving and circular features


Driveways and courtyards

Fencing and gates

Creative planting and turfing

Specialist stonework

Pergolas, archways and bridges

Design and installation of ponds, lakes and natural swimming pools


PF Ltd appreciate every client and every garden is different.  The size, budget and timescale vary for each project undertaken.  Understanding our client's priorities are key to the success of every project.  We do not have a house style - every thing we do is bespoke to our clients and is reflected in the variety of projects we have produced.


We ensure planting choices are site specific, take account of soil and climatic conditions and are of an appropriate style for the locality.  Hard landscaping materials are chosen to reflect the quality and aesthetics of the property and its surroundings.


PF Ltd create and design beautiful outdoor spaces in collaboration directly with our clients to reflect their lifestyle and aspirations. 

Wild Flower Turfing

To create impact in your garden, whether it be in a small wildlife area or edging a pond or lake, wildflower turf provides a colourful and biodiverse combination of wildflowers and grasses.

Wildflower turf avoids the problem of weed invasion, a common problem when establishing wildflowers from seed. The turf has been specially selected (by our suppliers) to provide colour and structure from early spring through to mid-autumn. The wildflowers and grasses are grown on moisture retentive, recycled carpet fibre mat which acts as a mulch to suppress weeds. This system allows production of high quality, balanced mixtures of species, in a mature form, ready to be placed on site.

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